SCOTUS-OTUS is a blog about the highest court in the United States of America.

It stands for Supreme Court of the United States – Orations, Themes, Ubiquity and Scrawl. We cover everything from Court nominees to decisions and feature pieces on characters of the Court as well as more wide-scope questions on the Supreme Court, such as where it stands philosophically and ideologically, in terms of law.

This blog is run by Scotty Schenck. I am a journalism student from Tampa, Florida, currently attending Northeastern University. I’ve worked as a reporter, photojournalist and photo editor of The Huntington News, an independent paper for the Northeastern community. Interning at the Tampa Bay Times and Conan (the TBS show), I have applied the principles of journalism to the real world. Beyond this, I’ve also taken up a peculiar interest in the law of this country, and what it means for its citizens.

Through this blog I hope to gain both a greater understanding of the Supreme Court, its reasoning and its impact, as well as aggregate salient information about the Court for an audience that wants to know more.

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