Right by the Symphony Green Line T-stop, Pavement Coffee House’s Gainsborough location is a reliable, convenient location for Northeastern Students. A regular cup of coffee at Pavement will run you $2.50 plus tax, slightly above the cost of Starbucks coffee. They offer hot and iced coffees, hot and iced teas, lattes, espressos, hot chocolate and cappuccinos. They also sell a variety of baked goods, such as bagels, sandwiches and granola (with milk or yogurt.)

Pavement is also quite busy on weekends, as many students come to study. Luckily, lines move fast at the coffee house, so you won’t have to wait long.

“For me, its a study place. I like the busy environment,” said Abdulrahman Alharbi, a senior and mechanical engineering student at Northeastern. Out of anything on the menu, Alharbi said he recommends the bagels. “It’s not a New York bagel, but it’s the best in Boston.”

For some, Pavement is even an every day affair, like for Northeastern freshman and marketing major Caroline Klay. Her favorite drink is the cappuccino.

“It’s really convenient instead of being stuck in the library,” Klay said. “Normally I can’t work in busy environments, but here I can tune it out.”

Overall, Pavement has a lively, ebullient atmosphere where people of all walks of life can come and enjoy good coffee. It’s not a bank-breaking experience, but you pay for more than just coffee, so I would suggest sticking and enjoying the uplifting environment. I tried the iced coffee, which was $2.94 with tax. It was pretty good. It wasn’t the strongest coffee I’ve ever had, but it definitely was a delight, and I plan on coming back soon.


Address: 44 Gainsborough Street, Boston, Mass. 02115

Hours: Monday-Sunday: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Phone: 617-859-7080

Handicapped-Accessible: Yes

Website: http://www.pavementcoffeehouse.com

Other Locations: Allston, Boylston Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Fenway Street, Newbury Street


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