Late in the night on every other Thursday, students from Northeastern University gather into Ryder Hall. They are going to hidden Northeastern experience, Silver Masque, a completely student-run theatre event. On any given night, students will perform 9 to 10 different pieces, ranging from performing a song they find inspirational or they created to participating in the regular improvisational-comedy segment of the night. At the end of each Fortnight is usually a small one-act play that gives students the ability to write, direct and act in an miniature production. For my final project I want to cover Silver Masque, with a focus on the opportunities it affords to theatre students on campus.

To demonstrate this, I’ll be covering the production of Ellen, an original play written by Mollie Davis, a Northeastern student. The play will be directed by students as well, Katra Laidlaw and Monica Cole. The play will be performed at the March 30 Fortnight.

I was hoping to use the video to talk to the directors and writer of Ellen, as well as leaders of Silver Masque about the opportunities the event offers; the photo story would focus on the actors and their performance during the show; and the written story will tell somewhat of an intertwining story between the play itself and the help that Silver Masque offers to those wanting to sharpen their theatre skills.



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