Despite a keynote address being postponed due to a blizzard on Thursday, Feb. 9, the New England Interfaith Student Summit (NEISS) continued on. The address was moved to Friday, and students held dialogues about faith and empathy in the recent political climate.

NEISS, hosted in the Curry Student Center at Northeastern University, featured Valarie Kaur, filmmaker and civil rights activist, who talked to students and faculty. Her uncle Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Sikh man, was killed four days after 9/11 in a hate crime for wearing a turban. She also spoke to people at NEISS  about a video she made, where she and her other uncle Rana Sodhi, Balbir’s brother, called Balbir’s murderer. She spoke to the crowd about revolutionary love, a concept about which she is working on a book, and is the idea that love should be spread to where it is not. In Kaur’s case, this means to even her uncle’s murderer, who apologized to Kaur for Balbir’s death in the video.




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