Covering the Supreme Court through Twitter seems necessary. As a way to push information in a digital and instant fashion, the second Supreme Court cases are granted cert or decided, we can learn about them. Below I’ve listed each of the handles I’ll discuss here.


Supreme Court USA gives daily news about the Court, the cases it’s likely to consider and the most popular cases it refuses to hear. AP Courtside Seat gives a more journalistic approach to the Court, as well as more broad stories talking about trends and attitudes of the Court. It links to AP stories regarded the topic, which will be a useful tool as an aggregate of Supreme Court news. Adam Liptak is one of the most famous reporters for the New York Times that covers the Supreme Court exclusively. His views, as an established Court veteran, as well as the stories he re-tweets from other news organizations are crucial to keeping up to date with the Court. Similarly, Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed and Jesse Wegman of the New York Times are also on my list. Wegman is an important editorial board member of the New York Times and offers opinionated pieces about the Court’s activity. Robert Barnes of the Washington Post is also mentioned. He is especially useful as he has been following the potential nominees of Trump very closely. Additionally, Ariane de Vogue of CNN is my list, as she may add another angle to the story, being a cable news reporter. Both the National and Harvard law reviews are on my list, as they add important discussion that the nation is contemplating. As jurisprudence evolves, cases about hot topics are more likely to be considered “ripe” by the Court and taken up. Finally, another Supreme Court Twitter feed, which is a @GovTop project, follows and links to decisions by the Court.

These are the handles that I’ll be using to round out my coverage and create a balanced coverage of broad topics, as well as regular decision topics and what they mean to the public.

Here is the full list of Twitter handles that I will be using to follow the Supreme Court:


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