This blog is an experiment. First and foremost, its the goal of this blog to take a relatively objective look at the activities of SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States.

There are a multitude of facets of the Court that could be covered, but my focuses will be on their decisions, the upcoming potential nominees and nomination process, occasional biographical posts on justices as well as the philosophy and leanings of the Court. Posts will go up every week, with varying topics but potential focus on the nomination process, which is a unique circumstance. That will likely draw much of my attention went President Donald Trump names his nominee, who he has said will be picked within two weeks of inauguration.

Through this blog, I hope to learn about the Court in a deeper and more fundamental way, not just in the ends but also the means, learning about the underlying drives of the Court. Moreover, I believe it will be beneficial to the public to aggregate not only hard facts, but also opinion on the Court from prominent media figures who regularly cover the Supreme Court. I hope it can offer perspective to those less familiar with the topic.

My sources are those that also study the Supreme Court. Specifically, I will be using the following blogs, websites and sources of information to create posts and discussion:

Further, in discussing nominated judges and justices, I will be using biographical information which can be found at Federal Judicial Center, the Supreme Court’s own bio page and Politico.

As would be expected, these sources will vary and grow through the time maintaining this blog. For now, I believe they offer the diversity needed to set up a blog on the Supreme Court.


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